Better With Age helps tech companies level-up their UX, increase user adoption, and build solutions that benefit older adults and the businesses that serve them.


Older adults face a variety of challenges that can negatively impact their health and wellbeing. The people in their lives - family, friends, caregivers, health professionals, senior living communities, service providers, and more - face challenges as well.

Technology solutions, when well-executed, can tackle these challenges. From early-stage startups to larger organizations, there's an influx of companies building software, mobile apps, websites, wearables, and other solutions in the space.

But how do you get users to adopt your solution? And how do you keep them around? Are you even solving the right problem?

Smart UX research, fused with proficiency in aging,
informs your design strategy and increases user adoption.

You need a deep understanding of the specific problem you're solving, and the broader problem space.
Challenges may seem straightforward on the surface, but they're part of an intricate and dynamic ecosystem. Context is key.

Let's get going.

Go from wide to narrow
From broad exploration of the problem space to a laser focus on specifics, become experts on your users and stakeholders.

Go from research to design
Genuinely understand your users, so you can make decisions based on data rather than assumptions.

Go from "designing for" to "designing with"
Include users throughout the design process, so you can validate fast and iterate smart.

Go from learning to doing
Learning opportunities arise all the time. Equip yourself with the know-how to do effective UX research.

Level-up your game.

Devise your strategy
Achieve domain mastery and craft a holistic UX strategy.

Build the right thing
Discover and discern opportunities worth pursuing.

Grow your user base
Improve designs to increase adoption and engagement.


Launch beta applications and new features.

Fail faster
Reduce missteps, and learn to respond more quickly.

The bottom line
Get a real return on investment.

Focus Areas

Solutions that benefit older adults and the businesses that serve them span a wide array of topics. Our areas of focus include:

Mobility & Transportation

Aging in Place & Senior Living


Information & Resources

Health & Wellness

Cognitive Impairments

Health Care Management

Social Life & Connectedness




Mimi helps families find assisted living homes for seniors.

“For the past several months I have had the pleasure of working with Alex at Better With Age during a crucial period in Mimi’s development of software to help families find assisted living homes for their loved ones. Alex brought immense passion and knowledge for both senior care and software development, which quickly enabled him to become a valuable asset to our team. Alex’s creative, detail-oriented and strategic way of thinking about problems has empowered our team to ask better questions, identify and validate our assumptions, uncover insights about our users and define the ingredients of a successful software service. His recommendations refining our market strategy, identifying product requirements and prioritizing features on our roadmap have been invaluable.”
William Ahlering
Founder, Mimi (


Workiva created Wdesk, a cloud-based platform for enterprises to collect, manage, report, and analyze critical business data in real time.

About the Founder

Alex Iselin

Alex Iselin

Alex uses a human-centered approach in his work with teams to help them understand their users, make strategic decisions, and create impactful solutions for older adults and the businesses that serve them. Before Better With Age, he led and facilitated UX research activities to help product teams develop enterprise software at Workiva. Alex has 7 years of research and design experience with small startups, mid-sized teams, and large global companies in the business reporting, healthcare, wellness, sports and outdoors, and leisure industries.

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