Better With Age helps companies design software for older adults and people who support them.


Better With Age was founded in 2016 to apply our expertise in User Experience to software development in the aging and health spaces. We help companies design software for older adults and the people who support them.


We're passionate about using a human-centered approach in the product development process. We help entrepreneurs and development teams leverage lean UX research to improve their existing products and pursue new product opportunities.

Startups and small tech companies in the aging and health spaces may have the impression that high-quality UX research is time- and cost-intensive. But they may misunderstand how and when to include users in the design process, misjudge how to apply what they learn, and generally lack confidence in their decisions.


At Better With Age, we break down these barriers and pave the way for companies to achieve business success while having a positive impact.

  • We show that UX research doesn’t have to be expensive. We help teams leverage lean research so that it actually reduces time and funds spent on engineering and re-development.
  • We help teams gather and interpret user feedback that informs product decisions and equips teams with sincere confidence.
  • We coach teams through the process, and empower them to design experiences that truly strike a chord with users.


We offer 3 fundamentally unique benefits to our clients:

1. Focus: We help teams spend time in the details when necessary, but ensure they recognize when to take a step back and refresh their focus. Teams save time and money by embedding this focus into their every day:

  • Reset intentions
  • Take on new perspectives
  • Synthesize data and resources

2. Awareness: We help teams heighten their self-awareness, spot connections, and inject compassion into the development process. Teams boost their efficiency with this new awareness:

  • Acutely tune in to people and surroundings
  • Uncover insight with empathy and compassion
  • Notice subtleties to enhance interpretation and deepen user engagement

3. Due diligence: We help teams realize due diligence in how they make decisions, achieve team alignment, and act with transparency and integrity. Teams craft first-rate experiences by incorporating due diligence into their development process:

  • Challenge, question, and justify rationale
  • Go deep to dig through details
  • Establish a framework for cultivating lasting partnerships with users


    We help teams with:

    • Generative research to explore, identify, and define the problem space and opportunity landscape.
    • Process and customer discovery to understand users and their worlds, and gain a deep understanding of their behaviors, needs, and motivations.
    • Product discovery to define how a product takes shape to address the needs of its users.
    • Evaluative research to assess and improve designs, from low-fidelity prototypes through production-level code.


    Research tools in our toolbox:

    • Interviewing
    • Persona development
    • Journey mapping
    • Empathy map
    • Concept / prototype feedback
    • Ethnographic interviewing and contextual inquiry
    • UX critique
    • Usability testing
    • Competitive research
    • Surveys
    • Analytics
    • Secondary research
    • Ideation and low-fidelity prototyping
    • Role-playing exercises and "contextual pilots"

    Focus Areas

    Better With Age focuses on technology solutions in a wide range of areas that help older adults and people who support them.

    • Social engagement and emotional wellness
    • Financial wellness
    • Mobility and lifestyle
    • Brain health and dementia management
    • Healthcare access and delivery
    • Care coordination
    • Challenging transitions, decisions, and family dynamics
    • Caregiver wellness
    • End-of-life planning
    • Tools for senior living communities
    • Tools for home care agencies

    Level-up your game.

    Devise your strategy
    Achieve domain mastery and craft a holistic UX strategy.

    Build the right thing
    Discover and discern opportunities worth pursuing.

    Grow your user base
    Improve designs to increase user adoption and engagement.


    Launch beta applications, solutions, and features.

    Fail faster
    Reduce missteps, and learn to respond more quickly.

    The bottom line
    Save time, save money, and increase operational efficiency.




    Mimi helps families find assisted living homes for seniors.

    "I cannot underscore that enough. Working with Alex, we've learned to incorporate users early in the process which has enabled us to iterate in design well before we've committed significant time or resources. The end result has been a dramatic reduction in rework and headaches."
    William Ahlering
    Founder, Mimi (


    Workiva created Wdesk, a cloud-based platform for enterprises to collect, manage, report, and analyze critical business data in real time.

    About the Founder

    Alex Iselin

    Alex Iselin

    Alex Iselin uses a human-centered approach in his work with teams to help them understand their users, make strategic decisions, and create impactful solutions for older adults and people who support them. Before Better With Age, Alex led and facilitated UX research activities to help product teams develop enterprise software at Workiva. He has 7 years of research and design experience with small startups, mid-sized teams, and large global companies in the business reporting, healthcare, wellness, sports and outdoors, and leisure industries.

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