Human-centered design for older adults


Better With Age is a UX research and design strategy consultancy that helps teams create solutions that improve the lives of older adults and those close to them.


At Better With Age, we apply a range of methods to identify, deconstruct, and strategically solve complex design challenges. By employing a human-centered approach, we support teams in developing a deep understanding of their users, making data-informed decisions, and creating relevant and impactful products and services. We instill a culture of empathy for users and stakeholders at every touch point along their journey. This guides our strategy for designing a solution that exceeds users’ expectations.

We are equipped with a number of key assets to help teams optimize their designs:

  • A diverse set of tools in our UX research and design thinking toolbox
  • A strong understanding of usability and user experience
  • Experience in a fast-paced lean startup environment
  • The foresight to identify users' readiness for behavior change
  • The ability to offer strategic insight in achieving product-­market fit