At Better With Age, we fit into the context of how our clients are already working. Rather than uplift their process, our goal is to meet clients where they are. We identify opportunities for research and design activities, provide coaching, and add an analytical eye to the design team.

Services we offer involve collaboration in developing a deep understanding of users and making data-informed decisions at all stages of design and development -- from early exploration, through iterative loops of discovery and evaluation, and beyond.

Exploratory Research and Idea Generation

We use a variety of tools and approaches to help our clients develop empathy for their users. We utilize divergent and convergent exercises that are rooted in the principles of design thinking.


UX Research

We employ a wide variety of methodologies to help our clients gain a deep understanding of users. We translate and synthesize findings into specific and actionable insights to move designs forward.


Design Strategy

We craft research and design activities to capture and address uncertainties, identify and prioritize product requirements, compose a roadmap, and measure product performance. To minimize uncertainty and optimize the user experience, we conduct detailed design critiques on a continuous basis.